Tips And Reviews For Ingrown Hairs Within The Bikini Area

bikini ingrown hairs

Ingrown Hairs Within The Bikini Area

Although it is entirely possible to wait too long to do regular maintenance to the bikini area during the winter, it is a completely different story in the summer. The more time you take to shave, and the more time you are out at the swimming pool swimming and sunning yourself, the more likely it is that you will develop ingrown hairs. As horrible as they are, maintaining them helps to make them trouble free if you can keep on top of things.

Hair becomes ingrown whenever it grows to one side and then curls back onto the skin. Even if they happen to be risk-free, they can still cause pink or tan bumps that can end up getting infected. They are definitely not nice-looking at all. The sight of ingrown hair can also turn out to be very painful to look at.

Shaving may cause certain hair to turn out sharp and might prevent hairs from leaving the skin correctly. However, any type of hair removal might be able to help with ingrown hairs as well. For this reason, it is possible for ingrown hairs to over and over again appear on the legs, underarms and bikini area in women, and in the neckline in men. The thicker, coarser and curlier that your hair is, the more likely it will be that you will build up a certain amount of ingrown hairs.

How To Treat Ingrown Hairs

Exfoliation. One of the most effective ways to remove ingrown hairs and to keep them from occurring again is the process called exfoliation. Make use of a type of exfoliating bar of soap, such as this one from Dove, or use another type of exfoliating product. What this technique does is scrub off the thin top layer of skin cells that are still on the outside of the skin, that traps hairs and also causes them to be ingrown hairs.

Use Toner. Toner is one of those products that tends to go unnoticed and is probably lying around in one of the drawers in the bathroom. You most certainly must have used it in high school to fight off skin problems, other than that you can be acquainted with it as a way to soothe your ingrown hairs at least one a day. Use a cotton ball that is soaked in toner that contains salicylic acid, like a product from Neutrogena to get your bikini area clean. Use this process a few days before having a bikini wax, especially if you happen to have extra sensitive skin.

Gently remove the hairs. A warm compress can also be sure for making the ingrown hairs softer.

Try out the following technique to easily and gently remove the dead skin cells:

Soak a clean washcloth in warm water. Place the washcloth next to your ingrown hair area for around three minutes in order to make the hairs softer. This will help to transfer the hairs to the outer part of the skin.

Use clean tweezers to gently work into the ingrown hairs one at a time. Don’t try to totally remove the hair- just try removing the end that is entrenched.

If you are having problems with treating a hair, don’t make it stronger. Just soak your wash cloth into warm water again and repeat the process. Wash the area with moisturizer soap and warm water.

It can often be very exasperating to deal with ingrown hairs. They usually aren’t so serious that you will need to go see a dermatologist. However, if you need a helping hand when the area becomes excruciating or appears to be contaminated, especially if you physically removed the ingrown hairs and it formed an unlocked cut.

Can you prevent ingrown hairs?

If just the thought of permanently removing hair in order to prevent ingrown hairs from occurring freaks you out, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, there are many ways of decreasing the likelihood of increased ingrown hairs while maintaining smooth skin all at the same time. So the next time that you shave, try out this routine:

Wash the area you are going to be shaving with a wet washcloth a few times using warm water and a gentle soap.
Rub your wash cloth using circular motions in order to dislodge any sharp hairs. Using a good shaving cream that lathers up.

have in the same direction that the hair grows. Do not press down on the blade using to much force.

If ingrown hairs prove to be difficult, then an electric razor can be used on that area of the body or you can not shave that area for a considerable amount of time. The progression of these are no expected to be as much of a reason for ingrown hairs. Another option to consider is waxing.

Finally, electrolysis and laser hair removal are permanent solutions for hair removal. Although it is a significant investment in money and time, the reimbursement can possibly make it quite significant if you discover the best technique for ingrown hair removal.