Science Behind Bump Eraser

How does skin become irritated?

BUMP ERASER 1Have you ever seen those unsightly bumps that appear on your neck and face, or other skin irritations and wondered where they came from? In scientific terms,  those bumps are known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, or razor bumps. Ingrown hairs cause them.

What might surprise you is that there is more than one type of ingrown hair: The transfollicular in which the ingrown hair never leaves the follicle to break through the surface of the skin and the extra-follicular in which the ingrown hair has left the follicle and passed through to the surface of the skin. Both types of ingrown hair resemble a rash or even acne at times and can cause skin pustules to form.

After-burn or razor burn happens when the surface of the skin is irritated. Common causes are low quality skin care products or worn out disposable razors.

How is razor burn or after-burn part of skin irritation?

BUMP ERASER 3For many people, razor burn, razor bumps, and ingrown hair were probably part of their teen year. You probably had your first set of problems happen right after you got your short shaving lesson and a package of disposable razors. After shave was the recommended treatment for after-burn.

Most females experienced likely experienced these problems the first time the shaved their bikini line and legs. In order to cure those bumps and burns that develop due to shaving, Bump Eraser was created.

On both men and women, the problem can look like acne or a rash and pustules often form on the skin. The most common cause of these skin problems are poor skin care products or worn-down razors that irritate the skin's surface.

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Did you know that some products make skin more irritated?

BUMP ERASER 2The chances of after burn or razor burn are increased in some sensitive users when lotions are alcohol based. These can cause skin dryness. If the pores of your skin already contain bacteria or are already clogged, these products increase your chances of developing ingrown hairs.

You will experience a world of difference that will leave you amazed if you take this opportunity to try Bump Eraser for free right now.

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