Amazing Ways To Prevent Razor Burns

shaving burn and razor bumps

Are you a business man looking to impress potential new clients? Are you looking for someone to share your life with? Well, a clean shave is the perfect start to any day. However, in the search of the most perfectly shaven face, lots of men end up with razor burns. Wondering what a razor burn is? Well, it’s the itching that starts a few minutes or hours after shaving. Besides the itching, it will definitely ruin your good shave. However, thanks to the tips outlined below, you can kiss goodbye to razor burns forever.

What Do You Need To Know About Razor Burns

As mentioned above, a razor burn happens a few minutes after shaving. It might be mild where it appears as an itching red rash on your neck or face. However, in its severe form, razor burns can appear as bumps which usually create ingrown hairs. Basically, these ingrown hairs look like pimples that are usually very itchy. Men of African-American descent usually suffer more with razor bumps since they have curly beards.

Can You Prevent Razor Burns?

Yes, you can prevent razor burns, thanks to the amazing tips outlined below.

– Soften or wet the beard before shaving. In a rush to shave most people get the razor and go directly to shaving without applying any water or shaving cream. However, if you take your time, you will notice that softer beards are far much easier to remove than tough ones. Therefore, rather than shaving before your shower, you should do it after. The steam after a hot shower will definitely soften the beard making it easier to shave. Even better, you can apply some hair conditioner to the beard while in the shower to make shaving easier.

– Have you tried exfoliating? Of course, you usually leave this to your girlfriend but if you want a good soft face, you should consider doing it once in a while. Get some facial scrub and exfoliate your face to remove any dead skin cells as well as ingrown hairs.

– Try shaving using a safety razor. If you have come across any of the 5-blade razors currently in the market, maybe you should try them out. For a few, these razors might be sufficient for any shave without leaving razor burns. However, for the rest, the razors might leave some irritation on the skin. So rather than hurting your face considerably with the 5-blade razors, you can just try one and get the best shave out of it.

– Avoid shaving against the grain but rather with it. There are lots of people who shave against the grain to get the smoothest shave. However, though it’s easier, there is a high risk of getting razor burns. Don’t forget that shaving too close will increase the risk of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs. However, if you shave with the grain rather than against it, you will reduce razor burns or bumps considerably. Of course, it might take a few swoops before the beard is cleanly shaven but it’s definitely worth it.

– Try shaving using light and short strokes. With long strokes, you’re likely to add more pressure to the razor thereby increasing your chances of getting razor burns. Note that, the weight of the razor is good enough to cut your beard right from the start. Therefore, don’t apply too much pressure on the razor by using light strokes.

– Always shave using sharp razors. If you have ever spend a day in your kitchen, you will notice that using dull knifes is not satisfactory. Basically, if you’re cutting something like a tomato, you simply end up tearing it rather than cutting. That’s the same thing that happens when you use dull razors to shave your beard. Basically, instead of making clean cuts, you simply create tears and drags. As a result, you get lots of ingrown hairs and irritated skin. If you’re using a safety razor, you can always change the blades as frequently as needed effortlessly.

– Rinse the blade thoroughly with alcohol before shaving. If there is any bacteria on the razor, you will transfer to your face if you shave without rinsing with alcohol first. Use some rubbing alcohol on the razor or any blade antiseptic products available to you. However, you don’t need anything fancy, visit the drugstore near you and get some rubbing alcohol for the best results. After every stroke, you should clean the blade to enjoy the best and most clean shaven look. Note that, with every stroke, the blade clears out some whiskers and that’s more bacteria ready to attack your face. Therefore, rinse the blade thoroughly after every stroke.

– Once you’re done, you should rinse your face thoroughly with cold water. Yes, hot water is what most people might use. However, with rinsing with cold water helps close up all the pores thereby reducing the creation of ingrown hairs and any irritation thereafter.

– Apply some moisturizer on your skin after shaving. Think about it this way, you have simply been scratching your face with a piece of metal. Therefore, regardless of how careful you might have been when shaving, your skin will definitely be irritated. Applying aftershave immediately you’re done might actually work for some people but for others they simply increase the irritation. Well, if you want to avoid that completely, you should try using a cortisone cream (preferably aloe-vera based) to reduce the irritation.

– Finally, don’t forget to dry your blades and brush them accordingly once you’re done. You can dry it using your towel to prevent the razor from becoming dull very fast. It’s also a great way to keep the blade sharp enough for the next round of shaving.

In summary, there are lots of men who suffer from razor burns, ingrown hairs and razor bumps despite shaving for years. Thanks to these amazing ideas, you can prevent razor burns and enjoy a clean shaven look every day of the week. Try them out and see the amazing difference!