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Floyd Spence, creator of Bump Eraser and CEO and President of Face International, Inc.

Hello, I am Floyd Spence, creator of Bump Eraser and CEO and President of Face International, Inc. As a male who has suffered greatly from razor bumps, I have first hand experience in knowing how difficult it can be to deal with severe razor-related skin problems.

When I started my company sixteen years ago, I strongly believed in my product since it was one I could use myself and which I thought others could benefit from, especially since the existing marketplace had failed to address specific dermatological problems effectively for people of various ethnicities.

Although black males make up the vast majority of individuals who suffer from razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn are global problems, and all issues affects females as well. Females  are mainly impacted on their legs and in their bikini area.

A Protection Product for Razor Burn, Ingrown Hair and Skin Irritation

 In addition, my goal in developing Bump Eraser was not merely to offer a razor bumps treatment. What I wanted to do was develop an herbal product that combined cucumber extract's soothing nature with aloe vera extract's anti-inflammatory properties, along with the healing qualities of chamomile extract and witch hazel extract.

I felt that these would be able to effectively deal with razor burn and after-burn, which are key main sensitive shaving problems that I believed that conventional products were mostly incapable of addressing in an effective way.

Simply put, 99 percent of all of the products in today's market that claim that they cure razor bumps flat out don't work. When combined with shoddy shaving products and poor shaving techniques, this results in many unsatisfied customers!

I strongly encourage you to try out Bump Eraser today completely risk-free by taking our one-month free trial. Don't waste any more of your precious time suffering from after burn, razor burn, razor bumps or ingrown hairs. Try out Bump Eraser today!  Sincerely your friend, Floyd Spence, Creator of Bump Eraser President and CEO of Face International

Don't struggle another day with razor burn, after-burn, ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

Whether you are shaving your face or doing a bikini shave, we know all about the frequently painful and unsightly acute skin condition problems that relate to shaving.

Through the use of a herbal remedy that includes the active ingredients of chamomile extract, witch hazel extract, cucumber extract and aloe vera extract, your skin is soothed by Bump Eraser, while the unsightly marks from razor bumps that are caused by razor burns, after-burn or ingrown hairs are removed.

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