4 Easy Ways to Avoid Annoying Ingrown Hairs


You try your best to shave carefully, but you still end up with those stubborn ingrown hairs. Although they are not the worst thing to happen, they are still not pleasant to look at, and you may feel embarrassed about having them on your body. These hairs develop when they start to grow beneath the skin’s surface instead of above it, typically causing a painful bump that looks like a pimple.

If you pick at the ingrown hair, it will often get worse. In fact, messing around with those bothersome bumps can lead to serious infections that you want to avoid. If you could do without seeing one of those ingrown hairs ever again, follow the set of steps below. 

1. Prepare Your Skin for the Shave

You need to get your skin ready before you start shaving it. Never use a razor on dry skin. Instead, consider taking a hot bath or shower to help open up your pores before getting started. You may want to place a warm towel over your legs before getting started as well.

It is a good idea to exfoliate the skin head of time. You can use your favorite body scrub before getting started with shaving to remove all the dead skin. Your legs will feel a lot smoother before you even shave.

2. Avoid the Cheap Razors

You may think you are getting a deal by purchasing the cheaper razors, but they are simply not as powerful as some of the other high-quality options. You can experiment with razors that have multiple blades before you decide which one you like the most. Some women prefer using men’s razors because they feel like those razors help them achieve a better shave.

3. Use the Razor the Right Way

How do you currently shave your legs? When you are in a rush, you might just run the razor up and down in a fast motion. However, you have to take your time if you want to avoid those ingrown hairs. You should start by slowing working the razor up through the hair without pressing it too closely to your skin.

4. Take Advantage of Spot Treatment Creams

If you still end up seeing an ingrown hair, use one of the acne spot treatment creams that you can buy from a local drugstore and leave it on all night long. The spot treatment will help to reduce the appearance of the ingrown hairs, leaving you with smoother skin that looks completely flawless.

You can use these steps for any area of the body you plan on shaving. Always make sure to take your time and prepare your body for the shave using heat from the shower and a body scrub.